Seafood Environmental Management System

A voluntary Seafood Environmental Management System (SEMS) clearly demonstrates environmental responsibilty.

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As fishing is often a family tradition, the fishermen understand that long term fishing opportunities are important for them, their families and future generations. The Irish industry has shown commitment to responsible fishing by participating in gear trials, the BIM Responsibly Sourced Standard and the Seafood Environmental Management System (SEMS).

Working in close consultation with the Industry, BIM facilitated the development of a SEMS for the Irish catching sector.  The SEMS can be used as a management tool to help the Irish fishing industry demonstrate that they fish in a responsible manner. The programme is based on the idea of continuous improvement, following a model based on four key steps 'Plan, Do, Check and Act'.

Developing a SEMS helps operators to identify and reduce risk and to maximise opportunities in a coordinated way. They are designed to give insight into the most important aspects of a business, help to manage risks and introduce the most efficient and cost effective measures to reduce risk. They also help to manage legal compliance and performance requirements.

For more information please see the BIM website.