Meat Yield

Meat yield of Irish brown crab is an important component of quality.

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Irish brown crab have an annual cycle due to moulting and, in the case of female brown crab, egg production. The meat content of a brown crab can vary substantially depending on which phase of the cycle it is going through, so experience is required to tell if a large brown crab has a high meat yield.  

Fishermen grade out as many of the lesser quality brown crab as possible – they return them live to sea where they can continue to feed and fill out and should be in good market condition after about 5-6 weeks.

The edible parts of Irish brown crab are made up of white meat, brown meat and roe.

Further information on meat yield can be found in the Bord Iascaigh Mhara / Irish Sea Fisheries Board, Irish Brown Crab Handling and Quality Guide.